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GM Automation Co.,Ltd. Was establish on 2007 with authorized capital total 1 million Baht and at the present are increase to 15 million Baht. We have objectives for produce and sales Automation, Power Electronics and Electronics Engineers – Electronics Industry Engineers product within our country and up country, through a series of practical training in power electronics. The institution and training.

       We aim to provide product service. The knowledge of the correct implementation. How to use and training for both the industrial machinery. Energy efficiency. And various control systems.
       We are manufacturers of Induction heating, Magnetizing, Power Supply (High Current), Phase Control Unit under GM Automation.
      Agents and imports of electricity. Electronics and electronic products of all kinds and hard to find. And discontinuation from all over the world. As well as board repair industry inverter and other maintenance.

       GM team, everyone is committed to supporting the industry and want a part in the development of Thai industry and mutual success.

Corporate vision  (Vision Organization)
 We are an organization focused on the development of the Automation and Power Electronic Based on the quality of work.
On the norm. Morality and ethics. To the customers and business partners. Industry and education have been growing steadily.

Mission organizations (Mission Organization)

  Mission of the organization is the only technology advanced mixed material to a Product that will be used to increase efficiency in the manufacturing sector was able to maintain and troubleshoot various problems that arise with the Product. Themselves and to be incurred in the production process. And adherence to moral and ethical behavior. Remember to always be aware of the organization. Morality and ethics. Is truly sustainable.

In order to achieve their goals. Must perform the following tasks.

  1. The main focus of the work. To satisfy our customers.
  2. Build confidence with customers by the service team.
  3. Make the customer trust after sales services.
  4. The development and ongoing learning.
  5. The transfer of knowledge to the customer. Achieve the knowledge to take care of the machine. And the factory itself.
  6. Is served by adhering to professional ethics.
Social responsibility
 Organizations realize the importance of national energy consumption. That will make the cost and availability of support. In education, Place in practice. The training, Support through the laboratory.